Total Conquest Hack • Unlimited Food & Gold & Tokens

Have you ever thought you could get an unlimited amount of Food & Gold & Tokens & Crowns for free? only if you had five minutes.. Well, Now it can be! Exclusively with our Total Conquest Hack. Want learn more? Read Total Conquest Hack Features and watch the demo video below. Anyone can now take advantage of this extraordinary tool, and that’s absolutely for free. So, Don’t waste your time and try it today.

Total Conquest Hack Main Features


Ban-Safe and Undetectable!

You won’t be worried about using this tool, This tool trused by thousands of players, Using our hack tool is 100% safe, because of no one will know if you have used a Total Conquest Cheats.

Unpatchable So It’s Always Works

It’s very important to our players, Does not matter that patch was released today or yesterday, our Total Conquest Cheats keep deliver the results. It doesn’t need any updates, it simply works.

Unlimited Food & Gold & Tokens & Crowns

You can also always make as much as you wish, There is no limit! From 100 Gold and up to 999,999, At all Total Conquest Cheats keep you private, as always.

What exactly really does another players say about our hack?


I have downloaded this hack and started out generate free Gold Bars. It is really unbelivable that so many persons know find out this hack. absolutely the best cheats that i have been actually using.

 – Johny West

awesome utility to Total Conquest players, works for me exactly like in the demo. I gaveaway some of the Food to my friends, simply because they don’t belive that it working like in the video (Just like me before i downloaded it, because the game simply much funny now, so why no? :) How stupid they may be :D

 – Kristen Starr

Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Download Total Conquest Hack


  1. Download Total Conquest Hack by simply clicking through the download button below.
    Latest Check: 5 ~ 6 July 2014 & Checked Successfully
  2. Download_Total_Conquest_Hack


  3. Once downloaded, you will get a file that looks like this:
  4. Simply unzip the file, and run “Total Conquest Hack V2.0.exe”
  5. total conquest hack
  6. And as you can see, all the features has been added, our tool working great!

total conquest hack